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SENSI – decentralized finance and investment simplified ⚡️| The world’s first automated yield farming dApp with dynamic asset management/diversification and risk mitigation ✅

The mission statement of Sensi is simple: to make DeFi investing easier, safer, and accessible to more people. Beginning with our flagship automated staking platform, the goal is to roll out an entire suite of dApps that provides investors a one-stop shop to access all the utility that DeFi has to offer.

**PROBLEM** ❓**-** The potential returns from farming and staking exceed anything available elsewhere in crypto, but can be extremely risky and time consuming for newcomers and experienced investors alike. Farms that look appealing due to high headline APY rates can actually end up being costly honeypots due to badly designed tokenomics, fees or outright scams/rugpulls, while farming platforms themselves can be less than transparent about the risks of impermanent loss or depreciation of their reward tokens.

**SOLUTION - Introducing SmartStake** ✔️

SmartStake is the first dApp of its kind. It automates the process of yield farming by actively monitoring the returns available from other farms and moving user funds around accordingly to keep scalping the best available rates at any given time. Farms/tokens will be audited for issues such as problems with tokenomics, poor liquidity backing and more, before they are added to the whitelist of available farms. These farms will then be categorised into different risk/reward profiles. SmartStake will then diversify the user-deposited funds across a wide selection of farms from each risk profile, to reduce volatility, minimise risks, and maximise the chances of steady returns. In the future, investors will be offered a variety of risk/reward portfolios in which they can invest, along with a choice of payout structures. Profits will be paid in $SENSI – market bought at the time of payment, ensuring a consistent and healthy trading volume for the token and driving deflation via burns.

**The $SENSI token** 🪙

$SENSI is the deflationary token around which SmartStake and all future dApps will be built. Holders can lock their tokens into the SENSI locking platform, securing their tokens and giving them a share of a dynamic reward pool of tokens, distributed daily. A percentage of BNB profits from SmartStake will then be used to market-buy $SENSI periodically, with half used to top-up the locking rewards pool and the rest burned. This continual buy-and-burn creates consistent upwards buy pressure combined with deflation, but it does so in a **sustainable** way by using external yields as opposed to relying on taxes from people buying and selling the token.

A percentage of yield/fees generated from all future SENSI products will be used for this purpose, creating a long-lasting demand and utility for the $SENSI token. Additionally, there are future community governance and gamification features planned for the SENSI Locking platform, further enhancing utility.

**About** **SENSI**❗️

SENSI is a community-driven project, stealth-launched earlier this year, with a team formed of investors who came on board with a wide range of skills and backgrounds, such as marketing, development and content creation. The team is partially doxxed on our website: [](! 

After overcoming some early technical challenges, the SmartStake platform is now in Alpha testing, and the team has negotiated a significant increase in development capacity in place to take things from here to the full-feature release. With things moving at a rapid pace, the project will be holding a relaunch in the near future along with a major marketing drive, including several notable DeFi influencers, AMA sessions, and social media campaigns.  

SENSI is currently still in its growing phase, and has received recognition from various DeFi influencers as one of THE tokens to invest in, as a long-term hold. Additionally, one of the top 20 CEXs, DigiFinex, agreed to list us despite our relatively young age, as a result of their confidence in our ability to deliver our flagship dApp, SmartStake.

SENSI aims to be a trailblazer in the DeFi space, aiming to bring yield farming and maximisation to the common person. Our aim is to make *your money work for you*, to allow each and every one of us to obtain *financial freedom*.

Be Sensible, Invest In $SENSI.

Important Links:

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Contract Address: 0x7869044d36ea75975b793ca4312608cc3817895b

Buy on PancakeSwap (V2):

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Lock your $SENSI here: Sensible Finance Staking

Telegram:, and follow their latest announcements here:


SENSI’s Official Subreddit:

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