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How We DYOR !! (Do Your Own Research)

Hi I’m Berry Blockchain, at Total Engagement we take #research of projects we are involved in very seriously. We do not want to be involved with a project who’s intention is to rug pull, or one that may not deliver on their roadmap/development and therefore leave many “holding the bag”. We spend a lot of time up front ensuring we have the best available information so that we can assess the projects and clarify any red or yellow flags with the project before getting involved.

#DYOR is a key message before investing in a project, but what does that mean and why should you Do Your Own Research? Hopefully you have realised that you must inform yourself and know what you are doing before parting with that hard earned money. And that of course always requires a certain amount of commitment and time.

We will show here some of the key fundamental and technical information needed to assess a project and soon we will elaborate on some of the steps we take when researching projects, we hope that sharing this information will help and better inform the community.


Name of Project

Dates / Timelines

Description of Project

Contract Address (from a reputable source)

Team Visible? Doxxed?

Ways to contact team

Partnerships #Technicals

White / Lite Paper review

What problem does the project solve?

Technology / Blockchain (ETH/BSC/Native)

Audits, security, insurance

What is unique about the project? USP

Summary and ranking

Ownership being renounced?

#Crypto Tokenomics, distribution, mining? Halving events. Listings, e.g. Coin Market Cap, Coin Gecko. How to Buy, ExchangesMarket Cap, Total Supply, Circulating Supply, Supply capped? Liquidity / Team tokens locking features. Price action, launch, all time high, current. Pre-Launch InformationWhitelists / Giveaways / competitions



Twitter / Reddit / Discord / Twitch / TikTok

Medium / / Facebook / Instagram / Telegram

Number of members and followers

Past news (Good/Bad), Future news.

Hashtags used so far.

Influencer involvement.

Marketing thus far, what has worked, and what hasn’t.



Bot checking

Assessment of team, past projects, CV, etc.

Past performance (meeting milestones etc)

Assess transactions and holders (BSCscan or equiv)

SWOT analysis

Use certain web-based checker tools



The above is a lot for someone to review on their own so perhaps take each section at a time and explore and learn the ways and means of researching a project. You will find your own way of DYOR.

Always remember using crypto research tools doesn’t guarantee a project will be successful or guarantee profits. Instead, they are meant to help you make informed investing decisions.

While using any of these tools for the first time can be overwhelming, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to make the most informed investment decisions you can.

Useful Websites

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